About Prosperio

Is Prosperio independent from banks and fund management companies?

Yes, we are independent from banks and asset management companies. This is crucial in order to provide independent advice to our clients.

Why was Prosperio founded?

The Managing Directors of Prosperio GmbH, have advised insurance companies and corporate pension funds (so-called institutional investors) for many years. In doing so, they experienced that these institutional investors are provided with superior methodologies to manage their assets. This triggered the idea of making these methodologies available to private individuals. To this end, they searched for additional partners who would like to provide their services not only to institutional investors but also to private individuals. Prosperio was born.

How does Prosperio differentiate from competitors?
  1. We provide holistic advice, i.e., we analyze all your assets (e.g., liquid and illiquid as well as your liabilities) and define your financial goals with you. This information is essential to then properly determine the asset allocation that suits you best to achieve your goals. By comparison, banks or robo-advisors only consider the amount of money you wish to invest.
  2. Our investment recommendations are individualised. No pre-constructed investment portfolios are allocated to any of our clients. Similarly to the portfolio of an insurance company that has to invest billions of euros, your investment portfolio is created strictly on the basis of the information you provided including your personal values and investment criteria.
  3. Robo-Advisor do not consider sustainability issues such as ecological or social issues in your investment product selection process.
  4. You do not need to open a bank account to benefit from our services. You can always use your existing bank to implement our investment recommendations.
  5. We recommend to only take the risk that it is needed for reaching your goals. In financing, you should never take risks that you do not have to take!
What does "your personal investment guide" mean?

We define Prosperio as your personal Investment guide because we help you reaching your goals by finding the best possible investments, and recommend the best way to implement them. We always follow your investment criteria and personal values when constructing your portfolio.

How is my personal data protected?

We use state-of-the-art IT infrastructure and encryption technology to protect your personal data.

How can I register to Prosperio?

Simply click on ”First Steps” to start with your individualised  tutorial.  The “First Steps” help you navigating through the system by providing you with data input examples. You should adjust the examples to reflect your individual situation.  “First Steps” shows you WHAT you could achieve by using our system; as soon as you become a customer of us, you will then be allowed to more concretely see HOW (i.e. , through which investment products) you would be able to get there.

You can also click on “Free Trial” to enjoy the Prosperio system free of charge for limited time.

What can I do if I forget my password?

Log in to the Prosperio system and click on “Forgot Password”. After entering your e-mail address, simply follow the instructions provided in the e-mail that we will send to you.

What can I do if I change my mail-address?

You can change your personal data including your e-mail address in the Profile section of the Prosperio system. You can always contact us via our chatbot on the Prosperio website or at [email protected].

Can I use the service outside of Germany?

Yes, you can use our service outside of Germany. Please be aware that the information and underlying assumptions that drive the Prosperio calculations, specifically refer to the German market. NOTE: Residents of the Unites States of America and people taxable in the United States of America cannot use our service.

What are the payment methods allowed by Prosperio? Can I also pay in cash or via invoice?

Unfortunately, we do not offer any cash or invoice payment option. We accept all major credit cards.

Can I change my plan? (from Beratung to BeratungCLUB and vice versa)

Yes, it is possible to change from one plan to another but only after the subscription period is over. Should you wish to change your plan once the subscription plan is over, please contact us on [email protected].

Can I cancel my subscription?

You can cancel your subscription plan directly in your Profile section as well as check the remaining time left until the subscription period is over. As soon as the subscription time is over, you can reactivate your account by simply clicking on the “reactivate subscription” link.

Receiving investment advice via the Prosperio system

What is the minimum amount to be invested with Prosperio ?

This is your personal choice; there is no minimum investment amount for using the Prosperio system.

What is the minimum time period that I should invest my money when using Prosperio?

Again, this is your personal choice. There is no minimum time period when investing your money with Prosperio. However, the longer your investment horizon the better it is to benefit from the returns of your investments.

What is a partner bank?

A partner bank is a bank that has entered into an agreement with Prosperio to offer special rates to our customers. Learn more about our partner Banks and the special rates they offer to Prosperio clients.

Do I need to open a bank account or securities account at your partner bank?

No, you do not have to open a bank account or securities account to use the Prosperio system. Our offering is designed in such a way that you do not have to open (a yet another) account to use our services. Our Beratung offering works with your existing bank. You can still freely decide to open a bank account or securities account at our partner bank in order to benefit from all the advantages the Prosperio system offers.

Why are my financial goals so important?

We consider not reaching your financial goals as your greatest risk. This is why Prosperio first analyzes your current asset allocation and calculates the probability of reaching your financial goals. In a next step, we recommend an asset allocation that maximises the probability of reaching your financial goals. In a final step, we recommend investment products that best suit you to fill the recommended asset allocation.

Why does Prosperio not work with a model that assumes a standard normal distribution of returns like most providers?

We do not work with a model based on a standard normal distribution because, simply put, the world is not normally distributed. We calculate the expected returns from your assets based on your current asset allocation and take your financial goals into consideration, not just in one plausible scenario, but in thousands of scenarios. As we do not assume a normal distribution, we model the skewness and the kurtosis of the distribution of returns because we, and all other experts in the field, know, the returns on equities were not historically anywhere near normally distributed but rather tilted, suggesting stronger losses than assumed by a normal distribution.

What do Beratung and BeratungCLUB actually mean and how does it work?
  1. In our Beratung offering you receive investment recommendations on an on-going basis. You do not have to open a new securities account; you can just simply implement the recommendations provided to you with your existing bank. Easy and straightforward! Our Beratung offering functions in a cyclical manner and it consists of the following items:

    1. Assets & Goals
    2. Individual portfolio
    3. Monitoring and adjustments

    Let us provide further information on each of the above items below:

    1. Assets & Goals

      We produce your personal financial planning based on your financial goals and your current asset allocation. This information allows us to evaluate to what extent your financial goals can be financed (reached) with your existing assets.


      Whether your financial goals are achievable or not is dependent on your assets. It is therefore important that you enter all your assets and how they are currently structured in our system (including real estate).

      Financial goals:

      To be able to provide you with the optimal advice, we have to first understand what you would like to achieve with your assets. That is why setting your financial goals is a priority to us. We consider the non-achievement of your financial goals as your greatest risk. We offer you a selection of around 40 different financial goals choices (i.e., an extra payment on top of you expected pension at retirement age, capital preservation, heritage, etc.). All you have to do is setting up your goals and we will show you to what extent you would be able to achieve them and the amount of cash you may miss in a very bad capital market scenario. If you are willing to change and improve your asset allocation, you will see how you can do.

    2. Individual portfolio

      Asset Allocation:

      We define the asset allocation that works best to achieve your financial goals. To define the optimal asset allocation for you, we, simply put, simulate your world, i.e., your goals and your possible investments in 1,000 possible scenarios. The development of assets and financial goals depends on a number of factors such as inflation or interest rates or development of capital markets over time.

      We model how assets and financial goals develop in every point in time of your life. By linking goals and investments to the same macroeconomic variables, we are able to ensure that the goals are consistent with the development of assets at all times. We model all the assets that you input into the Prosperio system, including, for example, your real estate, as all your assets matter to understand if financial goals can be achieved. Once we have modelled the probability of reaching your financial goals based on your current asset allocation, we will structure a completely new and individualized asset allocation for you. We do not work, like the vast majority of our competitors, with pre-defined investment portfolios. We use an optimization algorithm in which up to 25,000 different asset allocation are generated and evaluated in different capital market scenarios. That way we ensure that the best asset allocation in all possible scenarios is searched for and found for you!

      Fund and ETFs selection using the values:

      We are the only provider in Germany that enables the customer to incorporate his or her own personal values and criteria when receiving investment advice. With Prosperio, you define the WHAT do you want to achieve with your assets but also the HOW you would like to achieve it. With Prosperio you can specify your values:

      • Ecological
      • Social
      • Corporate governance and transparency
      • Exclusions of controversial weapons

      and your preferred investment style from a list of investment criteria:

      • To “sleep well” trusting your investment / maximize the long-term returns in the respective asset class
      • Minimize product costs and invest passively / benefit from the capabilities of fund managers that actively manage the fund
      • Real people behind investment decisions / computer models behind investment decisions
      • Fund managers looking for long-term investment returns / fund managers who also take advantage from short-term opportunities
      • Young and dynamic fund manager / older and experienced fund manager
      • Investment teams with higher than average female representation
      • Independent fund management boutique firm / large fund management companies
      • Stronger focus on small and mid-caps
      • Higher dividend yields
      • Avoid investments in emerging markets
      • Avoid derivative investments as much as possible in the respective asset class
      • Avoid currency fluctuations
      • Be skeptical of banks

      Of course we also provide you with our investment advice if you do not want to incorporate your values and/or your personal investment criteria.

      Once we have found the optimal asset allocation, we select the most suitable investment products for you per each of the recommended asset class from at least 400 funds. The selection is based on the quality of the funds and on your defined values and investment criteria (please refer to section a. Assets, financial goals, values and investment criteria for further information). We have developed an algorithm together with a leading provider of fund research to help you exactly find the investment products that best match your requirements. We will always show you funds, that have highest quality and are best suited to your defined set of values and investment criteria. We transparently show you how each investment product meets your preferences. You then freely decide which of the investment products recommended to you is the right choice for you.

    3. Monitoring & Adjustment

      We continuously monitor your portfolio and advice you on whether you should adjust it to remain optimally invested.

      • If you change your financial goals, we will recommend to adjust your asset allocation.
      • We update our financial model on a recurring basis to account for structural changes in capital markets that can lead to changes in your optimal asset allocation.
      • Every six months, we recommend adjusting your optimal asset allocation based on recent capital market developments that would impact the probability of reaching your goals.
  2. In our BeratungCLUB offering you get the full service offered to our Beratung clients.

    1. Assets & Goals
    2. Individual portfolio
    3. Monitoring and adjustments
    4. Execution: In our BeratungCLUB offering, you either open a securities account or use your existing securities account at our partner bank and appoint Prosperio as your investment advisor. In return, you will benefit from special conditions from both, our partner bank and Prosperio.

    Bear in mind that fee reduction is of great importance for reaching your financial goals. It is the safest return you can get!

How does "First Steps" differentiates from Beratung and BeratungCLUB?

By taking our “First Steps” you understand how easy it is to use our system as well as what you are able to achieve with it. The “First Steps” help you navigating through the system by providing you with data input examples. You should adjust the examples to reflect your individual situation. “First Steps” shows you WHAT you could achieve by using our system; as soon as you become a customer of us, you will then be allowed to more concretely see HOW (i.e. , through which investment products) you would be able to get there. Our offerings Beratung and BeratungCLUB are paid for services. Our Beratung and BeratungCLUB offerings provide you with access to our Assets & Goals, Individual Portfolio and Monitoring & Adjustments services.

How can I include my endowment policy in my financial planning?

If you have an endowment policy you best incorporate it into your financial planning as a Saving To do this, simply add a new Saving in the section Assets & Goals of the Prosperio system. Then add the expected payout and the date from the endowment policy. The system then incorporates in its calculations the payout from the date of disbursement of the endowment policy. This will have an impact your optimal asset allocation.

Does it mean that I should cancel my endowment policy?

This question cannot be answered in general. Generally speaking and due to the unfavorable fee structure that these type of policies offer to customer, we tend to advise not to establish any new endowment policies. Using Prosperio, you might be able to answer this question yourself by simulating whether you would like to continue with your existing endowment policy or whether you are better off investing this money yourself, which makes you save on the administrative costs linked to any policy. To carry out this simulation, please proceed as follows:

  1. Simulating the continuation of your endowment policy:
    1. Incorporate the expected payout and date of your endowment policy as a Saving(e.g. payout sum: 100.000,-: Date: 31.03.2055)
    2. Start a NEW RECOMMENDATION and note down the expected goal achievement and Net Wealth in all three scenarios.
  2. Simulating the impact of cancelling your endowment policy
    1. Incorporate the expected recurrent pay-in amounts (premiums) to your endowment policy as a new Saving. (e.g. monthly 100,- EUR, from 01.01.2018 to 28.02.2055)
    2. Incorporate the lowered expected payout amount from the endowment policy at the pay out date: (e.g. payment amount: 55.000,- time: 31.03.2055) This information should be part of the information you receive from your endowment policy provider on an annual basis. If you are not able to find this value, please contact your endowment policy insurance provider.

Start a NEW RECOMMENDATION and compare the expected goal achievement and Net Wealth in all three scenarios to the results you noted down from the Recommendation calculated in Step 1. If the expected goal achievement and Net Wealth results from Step 1 are better than those expected from Step 2, then you should continue with your endowment policy. [Please note that: if you decide to cancel your endowment policy, it would most likely impact the expected payout in the event of death and occupational disability coverage of your insurance. As Prosperio does not know your specific situation we cannot provide you with any recommendations related to an existing insurance policy. In any case, it is worthwhile for you to take a closer look at this particular matter before taking any decisions..]

How often should I change my investment portfolio?

We monitor the probability of reaching your financial goals on an on-going basis when you subscribe for either our Beratung or our BeratungCLUB offering.

  • When your financial goals change we would recommend you to update your optimal asset allocation. With Beratung and BeratungCLUB you can always update your goals to get a new recommendation.
  • We update the underlying assumptions behind our financial model to reflect changes in capital markets on a regular basis.
  • We would recommend updating your optimal asset allocation every six months as recent developments in capital market would have an impact on the probability of reaching your financial goals.
  • Only, if changing your investment structure increases the likelihood of achieving your goals, Prosperio would suggest an investment change. Unlike many other offers in the market, we do not recommend shifts when they are not necessary as each shift is associated with fees and avoiding fees is the safest return on investment.
How safe are both, my money and my investments?


  1. Clients of our Beratung offering use their existing securities account at their current bank, which we cannot access.
  2. Clients of our BeratungCLUB offering use their account at our partner bank, which we cannot access.
How does the Prosperio system actually work?

Please refer to “What do Beratung and BeratungCLUB actually mean and how does it work?” section.

Could I use Prosperio to receive investment advice on my assets deposited at my existing bank?

Sure that also works! Our Beratung offering allows you to receive our investment recommendations and to execute them with your existing bank. If you already have an account at our partner bank you can use our BeratungCLUB offering to get our investment advice and execute the recommendations with your existing account.


How much do the Beratung or the BeratungCLUB offerings cost?
  • Our Beratung offering costs EUR 29 per month. If you pay the full annual fee in advance, we apply a discount and we would charge you EUR 339 for 12 months. You enjoy a trial period of 30 days; if you cancel your subscription within the 30 days, you would only pay EUR 29 as a fee for the first month. In our Beratung offering you receive investment recommendations on an on-going basis. You do not have to open a new securities account; you can just simply implement the recommendations provided with your existing bank. Easy and straightforward! We constantly monitor whether you should adjust your investment portfolio to ensure you are always optimally invested and on track to reaching your financial goals.
  • BeratungCLUB costs EUR 9.90 per month. If you pay the full annual fee in advance, we apply a discount and we would charge you just EUR 109 for 12 months. In your BeratungCLUB offering, you benefit from our fully automated service such as those offered in Beratung. Further, with our BeratungCLUB offering you benefit from special rates at our partner bank.
Are there any fees connected to our BeratungCLUB offering for deposits or withdrawals?

No, there are no fees connected to deposits or withdrawals.