Your personal investment guide

With Prosperio you define your financial goals and personal values. We test millions of investment alternatives exclusively for you. Prosperio recommends the optimal portfolio for you to reach your goals.

First Steps

How it works

  • Your financial situation

    Capture all your assets and how they are currently structured.
  • Your financial goals

    Define your financial goals.
    • Capital preservation
    • Additional pension payout
    • Leave a legacy
    • Make your dream come true
  • Your values

    Incorporate your personal values
    • Ecological
    • Social
    • Governance & Transparency
    • Exclude controversial weapons
  • Your investment criteria

    Provide us with your desired investment criteria and style:
    • defensive or dynamic
    • active or passive
    • human or computer model
    • focus on small and mid caps
  • Your individual portfolio

    • Analyse your situation in up to 1,000 different capital market scenarios.
    • Determine the optimal asset allocation that best meets your needs from up to 25,000 different asset allocations.
    • Gather the optimal portfolio based on your value and investment criteria from 500 selected funds.
  • Monitoring

    We continuously monitor your portfolio and advice you on the required adjustments to remain on track!
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  • Assets & Goals
  • Individual portfolio
  • Monitoring & Adjustment
  • Execution via your existing bank
  • Security

per month*

* for a minimum of 1 year



* per month

* for a minimum of 1 year
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From basic to expert knowledge: all you need to know to take control of your own investments following the professional advice of Prosperio.

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